Peter Santosa


In San Francisco Peter is a Nosferatu of considerable skill, power and influence. It’s a mystery too many why he’s not made a play for a Primogenship. Other Nosferatu know he far prefers to dote on his childer and grandchilder within Alcatraz.

Peter has a very paternalistic feeling for Jake and was loath to let him leave San Francisco, doing so only out of affection for his childe and the certainty that he’d be back. Jake makes sure to call him every couple of weeks to chat in order to avoid terrible guilt trips. (“You never call, you never write.”)

Peter has always been disappointed that Jake has not paid more attention to his clan’s signature rapport and control over animals. Jake knows the basics of the Anamilism discipline only at his sire’s insistence that he not be ‘one of those meat-headed rats who only use the obvious disciplines.’ Despite his sire’s best efforts Jake can still get his animal powers to work only as often as not.

Peter Santosa

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